About Dan Shootz

Kia ora and welcome to my blog. I thought I would start off with a little intro about myself, why I take photos, where I am at today, and where I see myself in the future. I love hearing from you so if you have any feedback good and bad drop me a message. If you like a photo let me know!! If you hate a photo tell me why and of course I would love to hear about what you want to see more of!!

So, I’m a 23-year-old photographer from the North shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Right down at the bottom of the world where the birds can’t fly, and the ocean is cold but teeming with life.

Down there in the pacific and the Tasman sea was where my love for the ocean began. As a kid I spent hours on and under the water, fishing, snorkeling and surfing enjoying our little cold-water paradise. When I wasn’t in the water I would spend my time watching in awe as David Attenborough and Steve Irwin explore uncharted waters, wrestled with crocs and had interactions with all sorts of incredible wildlife. It was these images that fueled my passion and love for the underwater world which has influenced what I do today.

A few years on I was given a little underwater camera and housing for my birthday. My dream of being able to share my underwater experiences had now become a reality and this setup served me for many years as I grew to love the challenge of underwater photography. This was until the unfortunate day that It filled with water and stopped working.

It was with this unfortunate event that my photography career took a huge step forward. Having enjoyed my photography journey so far, I proceeded to invest over a thousand dollars into an old Ikelite housing, dome and camera improving the quality of my images and giving me the extra motivation to take my photography to the next level. I then had the opportunity to get my open water dive license taking me deeper in to the blue than I had ever been before. Since then I have upgraded cameras and housings and am now set with a full underwater camera setup and am geared up with Scuba & free diving gear thanks to Mares.

I get asked a lot about why I do photography, its time consuming, difficult, expensive and the financial rewards are very little if any. Whenever I am asked why I bother I always have the same answer. It’s because I love it, I love spending time under the water, interacting with marine creatures, sharing my experiences with others and attempting to take good photos. Having that perfect photo sitting on the wall or loaded on my computer at the end of a long day is what fuels my passion and drives me on my quest to take the best photo.

It’s the personal challenge that drives my underwater photography, I love the challenge of working underwater, the challenge to make a living out of underwater photography and to one day work for National Geographic. But it’s not only the personal reasons, I’m also doing it for future generations, I am so grateful to have experienced what I have, but even in my short life I am seeing less and less fish and more and more pollution, and so with my imagery, I hope to inspire the public to protect the underwater environment and its inhabitants,

So, thanks for joining me and I hope my images inspire you to get out and enjoy the underwater world that we know so little about.