Dan Westerkamp

Growing up in New Zealand I was drawn to the sea at a young age. With the East coast 5 minutes from my door and the wild west coast a short drive away, the Pacific and Tasman sea would become my classroom throughout my childhood.

My dad a keen spearo, fisherman and surfer taught me all there was to know. His love for the ocean rubbed off on me from a young age and has been with me ever since.  The ocean has been my greatest teacher. I have had experiences in the ocean that will be etched into my memory forever. And It is because of this that i have chosen to pursue a career in underwater photography. I want to share my experiences with others,extinguish the hype and fear of less loved species and to help protect what is left of our incredibly unique marine environment.

When i’m not in the ocean i really enjoy exploring the outdoors. Some of my outdoor adventures have included kayaking off waterfalls, paddling down rivers, hiked up mountains, floating through canyons and multi day sea kayaking trips.   

I have participated in a wide range of "extreme" sports & photographed in some of the most hostile environments around so if your outdoor adventure company needs images to get that edge on your competition get in touch and lets go on an adventure  . . .

When im not out in the bush, at the beach or under the ocean I photograph birthdays, social gatherings and provide unique images for business wanting to grow their social media pages, some of these businesses have included, Wild blue spearfishing, West shell sport, Tamariki surf school, Lion rock surf shop, Lega sea, Mares and SEKI Surf.


  1. Bachelor of sport and recreation Majoring in outdoor education (Auckland university of Technology)

  2. National Geographic Your Shot competition Winner

  3. Dive Pacific Magazine photo competition Winner x2

  4. Nz Fishing News Magazine contributor

  5. Content creator for websites, social media, surf schools, dive and fishing company’s & stores

  6. Years of experience photographing under water in lakes, rivers and the ocean whilst free diving and on scuba. I am comfortable photographing a variety of subjects including sharks, whales, rays sea snakes and all macro and wide angle subjects.

  7. Surf photographer- been surfing for 16 years, confident photographer in big or small surf …..